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CSM Premium Finance

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CSM Premium Finance Company works exclusively with Cox Specialty Markets to finance insurance premiums for small to large business and help them budget their insurance costs.

CSM Premium Finance Company allows the insured to leverage their insurance assets (unearned portion of premiums) over the coverage term by funding the annual policy premium to the insurance company and extending monthly terms to the insured. Terms typically involve a down payment and up to 10 installments.

CSM Premium Finance Company accommodates payments in a variety of ways. Payments by check, faxed checks, electronic debits and payments by phone are all possible.

How It Works

Within two weeks after the effective date of the policy, the insured should receive a statement from CSM Premium Finance Company for the first installment due. These statement vouchers are sent on a monthly basis, and will also reflect any changes to the account that may have taken place.

Payment Options

Payment by check
The most common payment method is payment by check.  Using this method, simply make a check payable to CSM Premium Finance Company and mail it along with your payment voucher to the address shown on the statement.

Pay online
A convenient option for customers is to pay online. Go to csmpfc.com the web address on your statement. Use the logon information and follow the directions for making a payment online.  Payments can be made by making an electronic debit from a checking or savings account.

Pay by phone
Need to make an immediate payment to avoid that late charge or cancellation? Call (800) 648-0357 and give your payment information right over the phone.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Payments
If you prefer, you may register for an automatic payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT).

If you are setting up a new account: Complete the EFT Authorization Form and follow the instructions.

If your account is already established: Complete the EFT Authorization Form and follow the instructions, or complete the form on the back of the insured’s monthly statement and your future payments will be automatically deducted from the bank account you register.

Faxing a check
Using this method, a copy of the check is faxed to CSM Premium Finance Company and the funds are debited from your account. To FAX a payment, complete a check made payable to CSM Premium Finance Company for the amount you wish to pay. Instead of mailing the check, make a copy of it along with your statement on the same sheet of paper. Then fax it to the number shown.

Your account will be debited in the same way as mailing a payment. After your payment is faxed, do not mail the check as your account may be debited twice. Mark the check VOID and keep for your records.