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The product pages provide a brief overview of the many different types of accounts we can help you place.  Select a product from the left to learn more about it.  If you have questions regarding a particular risk or program, please feel free to call us at (800) 648-0357 and we will be glad to help.

Vacant Property

Our vacant product covers a wide variety of well-maintained and secured vacant properties. Property coverage is generally offered on an Actual Cash Value (ACV) basis on Basic or Broad form. Special form and replacement cost will be considered if warranted on exceptional buildings, but will require additional underwriting consideration.

    • General liability up to $1,000,000 / $2,000,000; no deductible
    • Property coverage up to $1,000,000 per location
    • Easy renewal process
    • Can do master policies for real estate groups or financial institutions
    • No coinsurance options are available for unique situations
  • Underwriting

    • Our underwriters will be striving to insure up to market value. Your submission should indicate the current market value of the property
    • When evaluating, keep in mind the condition of the building. Buildings must be in good state of repair. Upkeep of premises and pride in ownership are good indicators, as well as current updates to the roof, wiring, plumbing, heating and cooling. It must be well maintained and secured. Risks with swimming pools or ponds will require additional underwriting consideration. If the risk has a sprinkler system, verify that the system is maintained or shut off and drained completely


    • Condo Units
    • Fire damaged properties where damage is still present
    • Poorly maintained properties
    • Risks with existing structural damage
    • Abandoned buildings with no intention of resale or reoccupation
    • Condemned properties
    • Risks vacant due to pollution, lead or asbestos exposures
    • Risks vacant due to police or government action
    • Any risk in poor financial condition (past due mortgage payments / delinquent taxes)

    Available In

    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Michigan
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • West Virginia
  • Vacant Property Application